AFL Fair Start Campaign Community BBQ

July 25, 2019

On behalf of the Federation, thank you for the financial donation for this year’s Fair Start Campaign BBQs.

This spring we launched the next phase of our Fair Start campaign for universal early childhood education and care. The fourth phase of our campaign concentrates on the Fair Start for Women. We know that universal access to early childhood education and care creates opportunities for women to participate in and contribute to our society fairly and fully – through workforce participation, educational attainment, as well as volunteer service, community membership, and enhanced economic participation as wage earners and consumer spenders.

On July 7th, we hosted our annual Fair Start Community BBQs across the province. These family friendly events were once again a huge success thanks to your financial donation and the many volunteers who came out to help at the events. The events are for affiliates and non-unionized workers, and their families, to get together and discuss the importance of and issues within early childhood education and care.

This was our fifth-year hosting family BBQ events. Continuing on the success of the events last year, we once again hosted events in five cities. The events were hosted in Calgary, Fort McMurray, Lethbridge, Red Deer and St. Albert and provided information regarding our campaign as well as a picnic lunch, bouncy castles, crafts and face painting – all at no charge thanks to yours and others generous donations.

Attendees were encouraged to sign our petition which is still active online at:

Once again, thank you.

On behalf of the Alberta Federation of Labour Child Care Working Group,

Siobhán Vipond

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